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Shanghai PINE&POWER Biotech Co., Ltd., founded in 2002 by returned Chinese scholars, is a R&D-based high-tech company. It is headquartered in the Low-carbon Industrial Park (West Zone) of Shanghai Xinzhuang Industry Park, next to Zijiang River in the east and adjoining the beautiful Guanghua Lake.


P&P Biotech focuses on developing and manufacturing innovative products in bio-surgery and owns complete intellectual property rights over them.

· Developing and manufacturing medicines (biological products) and class-III medical apparatus and instruments

· Having an enterprise postdoctoral center (in cooperation with Shanghai Jiaotong University)

· Having acquired four national patents of invention in China; an application for an international patent of invention has passed substantive examination.

· Honored as the Shanghai AAA Enterprise of Abiding by Contracts and Keeping Promises

· Honored as the Star Overseas Chinese Enterprise in Shanghai

· Having taken charge of many industry-university-research projects funded by the government

 Shanghai High-tech Achievement Commercialization Project

 Two projects of the National High Technology Research and Development Program of China during the 11th Five-Year Plan period (863 Program, in cooperation with Sichuan University and Fudan University respectively)

 Technological innovation fund for small and medium-sized technology-based enterprises initiated by the Ministry of Science and Technology

 Shanghai’s Program for Science and Technology Development

 2013 Industry-university-research-medicine Cooperative Project in Bio-medical Field initiated by the Shanghai Committee of Science and Technology

The R&D center of the company is located in the Shanghai Xinmin Hi-tech Zone & Science and Technology Venture Park for Returned Students (Xinmin Park for short). Xinmin Park, located in Shanghai Xinzhuang Industry Park, is a national S&T enterprise incubator dedicated for returned scholars and students. In recent ten years, this park has fostered more than 500 S&T enterprises in various fields such as electronic information, biological medicine, new materials, etc., and succeeded in bringing up a host of excellent enterprises including Shanghai PINE&POWER Biotech Co., Ltd. In 2009, the park was awarded the “Prize for Best Innovative Incubation Environment” by Shanghai Association of S&T Business Incubation.  

In 2002, P&P Biotech was founded in Xinmin Park. In 2009, as a successfully incubated venture founded by returned scholars in Xinmin Park, the company purchased a land in the Low-carbon Industrial Park (West Zone) of Shanghai Xinzhuang Industry Park, and built a new medicines (biological products) manufacturing base meeting the new GMP standard. Since then, the manufacturing base in Xinmin Park has been turned to the R&D center of the company.  

The company’s breeding base of blood supply pigs, sterile blood collecting base, and plasma processing base are located in the national ecological island, Chongming Island, which is surrounded by water. This unique geographical advantage helps to form a relatively isolated biological environment that can reduce the influence of invasive species and microorganisms to the lowest and thus guarantee the healthy growth of blood supply pigs.


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