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Professor He Hongbing was invited to attend the Annual Conference of American INDA and present a key

Date : 2015-11-15
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The fifth annual conference on engineering fabrics studies, innovations, and science (RISE®), sponsored by American Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry (INDA), was held from February 9-12th in Miami, Florida. The theme of the conference was “the three thousand years of Nanotechnology (N3M)”. The discussion focused on the main application areas and manufacturing processes of nanofiber, including air/fluid filtration, bioscience (trauma nursing and tissue engineering), and energy storage (fuel cell and battery diaphragm). The General Manager, He Hongbing attended the conference at the sponsor’s invitation and gave a 30-minute keynote on the clinical applications of electrospinning nano-materials, which aroused the conventioneer’s’ great interest and concern.

The focuses of RISE®2015

The RISE® conference sponsored by INDA has been the bridge connecting the technical innovations on engineering fabrics and practical applications since 2010. The conference is intended to provide a technical platform for professional talents, innovation teams, product managers, R&D engineers, and other technical personnel working on product development in enterprises to promote the technical innovations on engineering fabrics.

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