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Fibrin glue is widely used in various surgical departments, including general surgery, hepatobiliary surgery, cardiac surgery, thoracic surgery, brain surgery, orthopedics, plastic surgery, burns surgery, ENT surgery, oral surgery, and gynecology. According to clinical reports both at home and abroad, using fibrin glue in surgeries can:1) Reduce postoperative blood loss (reducing an average of 161-223ml for each patient, approximately equivalent to an unpaid blood donation);2) Reduce the blood transfusion rate by 32-37% (the product can reduce the volume of blood transfusion or even save the transfusion);3) Shorten operation time;4) Lower the incidence of postoperative infection;5) Reduce adhesions;6) Greatly lower the incidence of wound dehiscence after major surgeries;7) Reduce scarring ...
Biologic surgery graft is a nano-level fiber membrane material similar to extracellular matrix, which is made of degradable polymer material and biological materials by using the electro-spinning technology. It is a non-crosslinked tissue repair material with 3-D net-like framework. This material can be used to make a series of tissue repair materials, including dural graft, pleura graft, heart graft, peritoneum graft, and bladder graft.  Good histocompatibilityAppropriate degradation and regeneration rate and mechanical strengthGood antibacterial effect, preventing infection effectivelyLarge-scale production, meeting the specific requirements for specifications and shapes in clinical applicationsThe degradation manner of P&P Remodeling TM series of biologic surgery graft is progr...
Classes of ligaments There are three classes of ligaments for clinical applications, which are autologous ligament, allogeneic ligament, and artificial ligament.1) Autologous ligament: during operation, the surgeon takes a piece of tendon, hamstring tendon, or patellar tendon from the patient’s own shanks or other parts according to the length of the ligament to be reconstructed, uses the tendon as the ligament for reconstruction, then ties it well, and fix it to the position of ACL with absorbable screws. The advantage of the surgery is that there is no rejection for the tendon is taken from the patient himself (herself). The disadvantages are as follows: the source of the ligaments is often limited; the parts, where the ligaments are taken, are injured; the rehabilitative period is long....
The company has gained initial achievement in constructing tissue engineering arteries for experimental dogs by using pig fibrin as the main stent material, and it is the first time to use the raw material for this application in the world. The preliminary results showed that: the fibrin stent was remodeled in the body, and the fibrin was finally absorbed and replaced by mature arteries. The mature tissue engineering vessels have similar intima, subintimal tissue, tunica intima media, and tunica adventitia, as well as similar structure, tissue compliance, and physiological functions to normal arteries.

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