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P&P Biological Ligament

上市日期: 2015-11-15

P&P artificial ligaments are biological ligaments that have the function of tissue remodeling. They consist of nano-level fibers similar to extracellular matrix, which are made of degradable polymer material and biological materials by using the electro-spinning technology. The ligament is a non-crosslinked tissue repair material with 3-D net-like framework. The product has good histocompatibility and appropriate mechanical strength. After being planted into the body, the ligament would be degraded in the manner of progressive fracture of fibers. The tissue regenerates with the layer-by-layer degradation of the ligament. The product can induce the body tissue to grow into the ligament, then evolve into ligamentous tissue gradually, and finally replace the artificial ligament, thus achieving the goal of permanent healing. The healing effect of biological ligaments is better than that of synthetic material ligaments, and the former can also avoid inflammation and other adverse reactions caused by synthetic materials.

Product description

The company has gained initial achievement in constructing tissue engineering arteries for experimental dogs by using pig fibrin as the main stent material, and it is the first time to use the raw material for this application in the world. The preliminary results showed that: the fibrin stent was remodeled in the body, and the fibrin was finally absorbed and replaced by mature arteries. The mature tissue engineering vessels have similar intima, subintimal tissue, tunica intima media, and tunica adventitia, as well as similar structure, tissue compliance, and physiological functions to normal arteries.

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