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We are a learning-oriented enterprise and a team fighting hard for the dream.

We believe “knowledge is power” and encourage employees to study hard, forge ahead actively, and make bold changes and innovations. We advocate perseverance, frugality, and legal compliance, and encourage our employees to be good corporate citizens. We value teamwork and the team spirit of striving for excellence. We hope the above corporate culture can attract and retain the excellent like-minded talents to witness growth and development together with the company.

Employees are the most important treasures of our company, and the survival and development of our company depend on employees’ competence, professional dedication, and their sense of belonging to the company. The success of our company relies on every employee’s effort. Employees enjoy fair development opportunities, which depend on his (her) performance and fidelity.

Regardless of the starting point, you are welcome to join PINE&POWER as long as you love to learn, work hard, and have a dream as well as teamwork spirit. Let’s start running towards success.

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