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Date : 2015-11-15
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2002-2005: Shanghai PINE&POWER Biotech Co., Ltd. was founded. The production line of fibrin glue, meeting the ISO13485 standard, went into operation. The animal-derived fibrin glue (brand name: Chuangxufeng ®) was rated as the high-tech achievement commercialization project and the products were approved to go on sale as a Class-III medical device. The products were used in top-grade hospitals in cities across China and listed in provincial and municipal Directories of Insured Drugs. The company was rated as a high-tech enterprise.

2006-2008: The breeding base of blood supply pigs, gaining CE certification, was established. The company was honored as the Shanghai AAA Enterprise of Abiding by Contracts and Keeping Promises and the 2003-2005 Star Overseas Chinese Enterprise in Shanghai. The company won the bidding for two projects of the National High Technology Research and Development Program of China during the 11th Five-Year Plan period (863 Program, in cooperation with the Engineering Research Center of Biological Materials, Sichuan University, and the Institute of Vascular Surgery, Fudan University respectively), won the 2007 technological innovation fund (first batch) for small and medium-sized technology-based enterprises initiated by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and Shanghai innovation fund for small and medium-sized enterprises. The company was authorized to establish a postdoctoral center as an innovative practice base in Minhang District.

2009-2011: The new biological products manufacturing base meeting the new GMP standard was established. The company won the bidding for Shanghai S&T Talents Project, and our professors were listed in the 2009 Shanghai Outstanding Academic Leaders Program. He Hongbing was appointed by the Standardization Administration of China to be a member of Technical Committee for Standardization of Biological Assessment on Medical Apparatus and Instruments in China, and awarded the special allowance of the State Council. The PINE&POWER Biotech College of Online Education was founded.

2012-2014: The company got the license to manufacture medicines (biological products). The artificial ligament project won the Special Mention Award issued by Changzhou Talent Program. The biologic surgery graft project got the support from the Industry-university-research-medicine Cooperative Project in Bio-medical Field of 2013 Shanghai “Technological Innovation Action Plan”. Based on the platform technologies of super-hydrophilic electro-spinning degradable renewable composite biomaterials, the company developed a series of bio-surgery products, including the product series of biologic surgery graft, product series of bone repair materials, tissue engineering blood vessels, and so on. The company acquired several national patents of invention in China; an application for an international patent of invention has passed substantive examination.

2015- : P&P Biotech will industrialize the biotechnologies, over which it owns the intellectual property rights, and meanwhile, develop, manufacture, and sell internationally competitive bio-technological products, including medicines (biological products) and class-III medical apparatus and instruments (biomaterials for surgeries).

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