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Date : 2015-11-15
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Mr. He Hongbing, the Chairman and General Manager, graduated from Shanghai First Medical College (now called Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University) and the Second Military Medical University. He worked successively at the Wels General Hospital and Lainz Hospital, Austria, the National Center for Cardiovascular Diseases in Japan, and the Bioengineering Department of Kyushu University, Japan, as a visiting scholar, postdoctoral researcher, and dispatched researcher. He has been working on tissue engineering and biological surgery for more than 20 years. In addition, he also holds the following positions and titles: visiting professor at the Institute of Vascular Surgery of Fudan University, outstanding academic leader in Shanghai, committee member of Technical Committee for Standardization of Biological Assessment on Medical Apparatus and Instruments in China, and member of Vascular Surgery and Tissue Engineering Professional Committee of Chinese Medical Association.

In 1995, Mr. He Hongbing successfully developed the first-generation animal-derived fibrin sealant for human use for the first time in the world, and founded Guangzhou Beite Biotech Co., Ltd. (later renamed Guangzhou Beixiu Biotech Co., Ltd.) to transform this technology into products. The company obtained the registration certificate issued by the original State Administration of Medical Devices for their products that were then put into clinical application in 1996. The fibrin sealant extracted from animal blood can replace the similar products made from human blood, play an effective role in stopping bleeding, sealing the surface of wounds, and promoting the healing of wounds, reduce the cost largely, and avoid the potential risk of transmitting pathogenic microorganisms in human blood (like HIV, HBV, HCV, etc.).

Mr. He Hongbing founded Shanghai PINE&POWER Biotech Co., Ltd. in 2002, and successfully developed the new-generation animal-derived fibrin sealant (brand name: Chuangxufeng ®) with new technology. Compared with the first-generation technology, Chuangxufeng ® adopts a unique virus-inactivating patent technology, which can guarantee the stability of product quality and meanwhile get rid of the risk of being infected by zoonotic viruses. Thanks to the new technology that increases the concentration of the main active ingredient, fibrinogen, by 2/3, the new products’ film-forming property and adhesion become better. In addition, the new technology also remedies the first-generation fibrin sealant’s defects of slow dissolution and long preparation time, and achieves the effect of instant dissolution, thus providing a quick solution for the operations requiring emergency hemostasis and wound sealing.

The R&D team, led by Mr. He Hongbing, developed a super-hydrophilic composite biomaterial with the function of tissue remodeling. This material can be used to make biologic surgery grafts, biological ligaments, biological blood vessels, bone repair materials, and other bio-surgery series products.    

Mr. Zhao Songjiang, the Director and Vice General Manager, graduated from Hiroshima University (Japan) where he earned his bachelor’s degree in enterprise management and master’s degree in business administration. He worked successively at the Hiroshima Works of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and MODESTY Corporation in Japan. After returning from Japan, he and Mr. He Hongbing cofounded Shanghai PINE&POWER Biotech Co., Ltd.

Ms. Yang Li, the Director and Vice General Manager, graduated from Shanghai First Medical College (now called Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University), and she is an EMBA from Guanghua School of Management, Perking University, honored as the top-notch technical professional of Minhang District, Shanghai. She served as Senior Product Strategy Manager in Glaxo Company, taking charge of marketing anti-asthmatic products in Chinese market, and then held the position of Marketing Manager for South China area, taking charge of marketing all kinds of the company’s products in this area. She served as Senior Product Manager and Product Mix Manager in MSD Company, in charge of marketing Sinemet (an anti-parkinsonism drug), Singulair (an anti-asthmatic drug), Finasteride (a drug for curing BPH), VIOXX (an analgesic), and Fosamax (an anti-osteoporosis drug) successively. She also served as Marketing Manager in BostonScientific, in charge of marketing nervous system intervention products, and organized the launch of several new products.

Ms. Huang Weihong, the Vice General Manager, graduated from East China University of Science and Technology. She is a licensed pharmacist and a senior engineer, honored as the pace-setter in the new Long March by Shanghai Light Industry Bureau and the woman pace-setter of Shanghai, and she ever won the Shanghai Talent Fund. She worked at Shanghai Industrial Institute of Microbiology and Shanghai QiaoYuan Biological Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., successively holding the posts of Technician, Vice General Manager, and Chief Engineer. She has more than 20 years of managerial experience in drug manufacturing enterprises.

Mr. Shen Hongwei, the Chief Financial Officer, graduated from Chinese University of Hong Kong and Shanghai National Accounting Institute. He is a Master of Accounting, CTA and CPA, and has obtained the CFO certificate from Shanghai National Accounting Institute.

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